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The next big thing?

Gyrotonic is different, fun and best of all a great, unique way to work out

By Nick Hinkle, Healthy and Fit Magazine staff writer

Looking to add 20 yards to your drive? Do you want to become more coordinated? Or what about feeling a few years younger?

Well, gyrotonic training may be the answer.

Gyrotonic training is a fitness training, similar to yoga, that is gaining popularity. The training involves a machine that uses a series of movements to enhance an individualís coordination, flexibility and strength.

Currently, the gyrotonic machines are hard to come by. In order to get a machine, an instructor must be certified to teach gyrotonic training.

One local certified instructor is Jane Gamble, 51, who is known by her friends as Mary Jane.

Gamble grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and now lives in Laingsburg. She was a dancer for more than 20 years before being introduced to gyrotonic by one of her longtime dance instructors.

Gamble teaches gyrotonic training out of her home and hopes to contribute to the success of gyrotonic.

"I think it is going to be the next big thing," Gamble said.

This new workout trend uses a series of movements on a machine with various pulleys, ropes and weights to strengthen and stretch muscles.

The series of rotational movements gyrotonic uses can make people feel young again, Gamble said.. Since beginning the training, Gamble believes she is in the best shape of her life.

"I am in as good a shape as I was in my twenties," Gamble said. "I have much more awareness of my body."

Although this training may get you in shape like other workout routines, gyrotonic is definitely unique. Gyrotonic training offers all types of people the chance to get an exceptional full body workout.

According to Gamble, a typical workout usually takes a little more than an hour.

"The movement really works your body from the inside out," Gamble said. "It gives you length in flexibility, core strength and joints."

Recently, world class athletes and popular celebrities have tried gyrotonic to get in shape. Tiger Woods and Madonna have given the training great praise, according to national publications.

Almost anyone can use gyrotonic training and feel its benefits. The training is for everyone from the world class athlete to the average athlete, or those looking to become fit. In talking about the wide range of people gyrotonic training can help, Gamble said, "It is for all walks of life. You can fit the machine to each personís body."

Similar to yoga, the training offers an opportunity to exercise your mind as well as your body. The training is not physically overwhelming, but rather a series of smooth never-ending movements.

"It is not that sweating kind of workout," Gamble said. "It can be very meditative. It is not going to hurt you."

Gamble said like yoga, no music is involved, yet movements are very rhythmic, relaxing and fun.

"The movements are flowing. You do not feel like your working out," Gamble said. "And it is fun to do. They [students] feel an inch taller when they leave, and they look it. It is not just this mental thing. Itís very real."

If you are interested in trying out gyrotonic, you can contact Jane Gamble certified gyrotonic instructor at 517.651.6726 or