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A Harris Poll found that 84% of all American adults had read a magazine within the past week. Even more important to potential advertisers, studies have shown that magazine readers, more so than any other media consumers, welcome and accept the ads in their magazines.
(Source: Roper Public Affairs)

Healthy & Fit Magazine boasts a 92,000 readership, and is distributed, monthly, to more than 500 locations, several 5K races (any race in the Playmakers series), and a variety of other health-related events like the Michigan Mile and Commit to Get Fit, through Sparrow) in the Lansing and Jackson area.

Healthy & Fit, mid-Michigan’s original health and fitness publication, features local individuals who have succeeded in improving their wellbeing through nutrition, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Healthy & Fit readers, generally:

  • Belong to a health club and spend money on events, items, or care that will improve their health. The magazine is distributed to many of the area’s workout facilities, like the Michigan Athletic Club, America’s Physique, several Curves for Women and other fitness centers.
  • Love to exercise. Not only do readers participate in 5Ks, they look for health-related programs that will heal bodies and injuries, the latest workout gear, clothing, and special diet tips. Thus the magazine is distributed to Playmakers, Step One Soccer Too, Pedal and Tour, MC Sporting Goods, Dunham’s, and more.
  • Live deliberate lives. They budget their time, and look for products and services that will enhance their life. They are committed to working for long-term goals, and choose rewards that are appropriate for their investment.
  • Have the income to purchase your products or services. Readers are looking for products and services that bring value to the life they have chosen to lead. Your advertising will help them find your unique offering. Healthy & Fit promotes a healthy lifestyle to all of mid-Michigan. Our goal is to become the top resource for readers to learn more about the latest health practices and fitness opportunities, the area’s top athletes, and success stories about local people. We also want to help readers find the products and resources that will compliment their lifestyle.

Healthy solutions. Fit results. A better you.

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