Set short term goals

If you have a desire for self-improvement, and who does not, you should make a plan and work toward realizing it. Shorter-term goals help you see where you are going so that you can bring on the big gains. Here are some of the reasons why I feel this is vital.  

They improve focus 

Short-term goals help you pay attention to the path towards achieving your bigger, longer-term target. With a shorter action plan, you don’t need to see how the whole idea will pan out. You focus on the weekly or monthly plan.




They sharpen the idea of your plan 

Short-term goals can be set to help achieve specific long-term goals. When you divide your longer-term desire into shorter targets, you can envision all the actions you have to take more clearly.

They identify your next actions

Shorter-term goals help you see the next step you must take to realize your final objective. You can further divide your months-long objectives into smaller actions. These goals are then easier to turn into reality.

They help you beat procrastination 

If you are in the habit of procrastinating, setting shorter-goals can help you overcome it. The reason is they are specific and have very short deadlines. If, for instance, you want to be fit in a year, you can commit yourself to run for 15 minutes every day for this month.

So, what exactly is a long-term goal?

A long-term goal may take years to achieve, so please be OK with the journey. You won’t complete this type of goal this week, or even this year. Instead, a long-term gain requires you to plan the specific habits and actions to systematically work your way to this important milestone.  

Keep these in mind to enable success:

  • Thinking granular makes it easier to focus 
  • Building from small leads to fulfillment
  • Sustainability involves commitment


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