Fit Feature: Dina Krois

Dina Krois, of Lansing, is hooked on fitness. She is a college professor, registered yoga teacher, and Peak Pilates certified instructor who credits her passion for fitness for changing her life. 

“I work out for both my mind and body,” she said. “I came to fitness after college to lose weight. Over the decades, I have gained and lost weight, had a child and worked with some great trainers to help me learn what works best for my body. In more recent years, through my journey, I have learned the importance of exercise for both the mind and body. The health of the mind will affect the health of the body!”




Krois said she balances her workouts with yoga, Pilates, and strength training. She said she adds some walking, too. 

Although she has struggled at times, through the years, with her diet, she now combines diet with exercise and it has her feeling great. 

“Last year, I began a regular practice of intermittent fasting and this lifestyle has been easy for me to follow,” she’s said. “On most days, I eat one snack and one large meal a day. Sweets and salty snacks are my weakness. I want to eat all the carbs every day. But, it’s all about balance. I do not deprive myself, but I balance my intake of snacks, sweets and carbs.”

Fitness has made such a difference in her life that she’s continuing to improve it through education. 

“Fitness has been a lifesaver for me,” she said. “I reaffirmed my love for fitness in 2014 after a loss in our family. I started working out on a regular basis, and began my journey as a fitness professional. I have taken my years of experience in the college classroom and transferred that to the group fitness studio. I am now a 500-hour registered yoga teacher, a Peak Pilates certified instructor, barre, and group fitness certified. This fall, I plan to work on my personal training certification as well as begin an additional Master’s degree in Exercise Science. I am excited to be able to continue to share my love of fitness with others.”

Her advice: find an activity that you love. 

“Find a fitness activity that you love and make it a part of your weekly habits,” she said. “Breakdown major goals into smaller ones, then celebrate accomplishing them. And remember, fitness is a lifelong journey.”


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