Laura Lynn King has refocused her fitness efforts

Laura Lynn King, 44, of Okemos, is a human resources manager at Michigan State University who also teaches spin classes. She’s taught up to 16 spin classes a day at area facilities, as well as yoga.

“I work out daily because I struggle with my weight,” she said. “Fitness has helped me keep on track mentally, and I feel much better physically.”




King, who said she once weighed 300 pounds, teaches at area facilities like MSU Recreational Sports, Yoga State, YMCA, and Powerhouse. Her classes range from 30-minute express classes to 30/30 yoga and spin and 60-minute spin class. 

Like many others, she said the quarantine has been a challenge with eating. 

“My diet hasn’t been the best in the quarantine,” she said. “It’s been a rough couple of months. I’m back on track, though. I enjoy Weight Watchers points. It’s an easy way to keep track and it offers a variety of food.”

She said it’s important to feel you can work out in a place where you feel comfortable.

“Find a place where you fit in,” she said. “These last couple of months have been tough, but it’s time to snap out of it.”

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