Sade Poole knows what it takes to stay fit

Sade Poole, 32, of Oak Park, likes to work out to feel better. “I feel the need to work out because I want to remain healthy, feel good about myself and look good,” she said. 

Poole, who works for the Blue Care Network, enjoys high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and heavy lifting. She works out at Performance 80 Training. 

She said she eats a consistent healthy diet. 




“My diet is pretty good,” she said. “It consists of lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and grains. There is never really a need to cheat, but I will enjoy something small like a vegetable pizza or burger. I don’t mind a cheat meal, but never a cheat day.”

She said it takes time to get into shape and even more effort to stay there. Be patient.

“My advice to others is to do what works for you and trust the process,” she said. 

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