Make a personal plan and find new ways to soar!

Over the last few weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have encountered the full gamut of individual health reactions. We have seen those who are in crisis, in pain, gaining weight, depressed, all in various states of fear and anxiety.  On the other end of the spectrum are those taking advantage of the downtime to engage in improvements on their homes, relationships, and even health. 

I must admit I am a stress eater and have gained weight, but I have planned a plan and am working it! Because of the unknowns, changes in schedules, kids not having sports, etc., many have lost their way in the physical and emotional health realm.  




Today, I would like to invite you to plan a plan. You have an opportunity, right now, to engage in what could be a move into better health, better relationships, and even, possibly, a better career. 

Take your life and separate it into categories, such as spiritual, health, family, etc. Then write down what would be your dream goal in each category. Even if you think in your wildest dreams you would never get there, I want you to write them down. 

You might be saying right now that you can only think day-to-day. That because of what has happened you just cannot. It is ok to start there and when that little spark of possibility comes to your mind, write it down. If you can, go bigger than what you really think you could ever achieve on your own. Write down the impossible. Write down the dreams of your heart. 

One last item… do not show anyone, as sometimes people squash what is in your heart. I know it sounds silly and why would you write down something that you think you would never achieve? Just do it and see where you are in a year! Do not think about it! Just write it down. ‘Planning a plan’ is good for the mind and heart of a person.

There is so much you can do for your health, as well. Let us pick that apart for a moment. Everyone is at a different state of health. Start with the end in mind. Write down where you want to be with your health. A dream goal. You only have one life to live, how do you want to live it?! Let’s do this! Sometimes when we look at the improbable, in our minds it immediately becomes impossible. 

Personally, at our office, we partner with our patients’ health goals. Because we are a Holistic Health Center, we have many tools in our pocket. Nutrition, chiropractic, posture correction, scoliosis bracing, neuropathy, laser, and many other tools. 

As of late, being deemed “essential,” we have had the opportunity to really serve the community in desperate need. True emergencies. People who cannot walk, people on the front line that need our care to go and serve. We even had a baby who was not able to crawl or put weight on her legs. 

At this point, as one of the only chiropractic offices open in Lansing, we continue to apply all safety protocols. We look forward to getting back to normal even if it is a new normal! If you would like, tune in to our webinars or wisdom posts, like our Facebook page, and keep in touch! Plan a plan for now and for coming out into a new life!


Dr. Denise Rassel is co-owner of Rassel-Daigneault Family Chiropractic. For more information call (517) 336.8880 or (517) 349.2740 or at

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