For Angela Cotton, working out is a way of life

Angela Cotton, 38, of Detroit, pushes herself to be stronger through fitness, and as a result, it’s paid off in ways she couldn’t imagine. 

“I feel that our bodies were made to move,” she said. “Allowing your body to do what it was made to do increases its function and provides a healthier vessel to live in. It’s amazing to do something that you had no idea you could do. It makes you want to see what else you can accomplish. Being in shape and strong has mental benefits, too. It relieves stress. Working out provides a way to get healthy, clear your mind, and hang out with cool people that have similar goals.”




Cotton, who is an automotive project manager, works out nearly every day of the week with high-intensity interval training (HIIT), weighted cardio, heavy lifting, and auxiliary supersets. 

She works out at Performance 80 Training, in Detroit.

“Taking care of my health and lifting has made me more social,” she said. “I am more confident when I walk in a room. Fitness has provided me a more positive outlook on life knowing that each time I work out I increase my time here on earth. It’s helped me to be healthy and active for my daughter.”

She said she’s currently practicing intermittent fasting, trying to eat clean, whole food meals with a balance of proteins, fats and carbs.

“My diet could be a lot better,” she added. “On days I lift heavy, I’m sure to increase my carb intake slightly. I am about 80 percent on-point with my diet. I allow myself a cheat meal every five days. When I have the urge, I use it as a personal challenge to test my will power. I am motivated by challenges!”

Her advice for others?

“Fitness is a daily journey,” she said. “Take each day, one at a time. Every part, too. Each workout. Each rep. Each mile. One at a time. Once you’ve completed a milestone or goal, set another.”

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