Carly Britton loves to compete (and be fit!)

Carly Britton can’t shake the need to be physically fit and perform at a high level. The former Division 1 track and field athlete likes to stay in shape. 

“The desire to work out at a high level has stayed with me all these years,” she said. “In addition, I have genetic predispositions that require a healthy lifestyle. It is very important for me to keep fit and, thankfully, I enjoy it as well. Fitness has always been a way for me to gain confidence. I am so grateful to be strong and fit after two children, and to show other women that it is possible. It has allowed me to take what I’ve learned to help others.”




Britton, 39, of Detroit, works with fundraising events at the Detroit Institute of Arts. She said her workouts range from HIIT to Pilates, yoga, and spinning. 

“Typical workouts for me involve, primarily, weight lifting and HIIT/interval cardio,” she said. “I like to incorporate other forms of exercise to shake up the routine on the weekends.”

“I’ve educated myself enough to stay away from fads and just try to ensure I have enough lean protein, carbs and veggies to fuel workouts and keep me healthy inside,” she said. “I don’t give in to urges to cheat. I have learned to keep it light. If I want ice cream, I will get a spoonful. If I want a burger, I’ll eat it without a bun or just half a bun, no cheese and tons of veggies. I believe you can have what you want and modify it so it’s better for you.”

She said to keep it simple when trying to be healthy 

“Fitness is finding healthy activities you love to do, going after each workout with intensity and eating food that nourishes the body,” she said. 

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