It’s a great time to start running

Have you ever considered becoming a runner?  Maybe this is a question you thought you’d never ask yourself. Or maybe this is something you always wanted to do. Nonetheless, these are crazy times due to COVID-19. We are all experiencing new things. Gyms are closed. We are working from home. And many of us are finding extra time on our hands. It’s never been a better time to become a runner!

One of the best parts about being a runner is that it doesn’t require much. Lace up a good pair of running shoes and head out your door. Here are three things to consider that will keep you moving and motivated!


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Let’s talk shoes

Shoes are the main piece of gear needed to keep you running efficiently and injury-free. Running shoes are made with a variety of support levels, amount of cushioning, and on different platforms. It’s important to select the best shoe for your foot type. I highly recommend getting fitted at your local running shop. Trained staff will take you through a fit process, look at your feet, and ask questions to help you select good options. I’m sure you are thinking, but they aren’t open right now?!  However, there is good news!  Most local running shops are doing the next best thing: virtual home fittings. Fit specialists will talk you through some good options over the phone, via email or online messaging.

Establish a goal

First things first, what is your goal?  Is it to run a local 5K?  Is it to start a regular exercise routine?  Establishing your goal is an extremely important part of the process. It doesn’t have to be elaborate and your goal can change, but you want to begin with the end in mind. If a race is in your future, check out a local option. 

There is no wrong reason to choose a specific race!  You can pick one in your favorite location, because you want to support the charity partner or because it falls on a free weekend on your calendar.  For added encouragement, sign up with a friend!

Training plan  

If you go out and run as hard as you can for as far as you can, you will most likely end up frustrated and defeated. There are a lot of great resources available. Even if your plan is not to run a 5K race, the training plan to reach 3.1 miles might be a perfect fit for you. And while you can’t train with your friends right now, choosing a plan and running together virtually can help you stay motivated!

You can do this!  You are a runner. Being a runner doesn’t mean you have to run races, certain speeds or distance. The second you lace up your shoes and head out the door, you are a runner. And, the local running community is ready to help you every step of the way!


Lindsey Mulder has worked at Playmakers in Okemos for 14 years.  She has a love for running and is a “streaker” completing 1561 of consecutive days of running (as of April 11, 2020).  She loves spending time with her family, 8 year-old Rosie, 5 year-old Deacon & husband Jeff.  When she isn’t running she has also found a love for yoga.  She hopes to continue to help support our community reach their health & fitness goals.

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