Fit Feature: Katie Kennedy’s self advice keeps her healthy

Katie Kennedy, 24, of East Lansing, is a trainer at CrossFit Shift in Lansing. She said her love for CrossFit has changed her life.

“Fitness has helped me find myself,” she said. “Once I was involved in CrossFit in my senior year of college, I was hooked. My mentality in and outside of the gym was transformed, I became so much more confident, and the physical results I saw in strength and fat loss were enough to keep me moving and active for as long as I possibly can.”




She said she primarily works out with CrossFit because it varies from day today. “There’s a great mix of strength, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning in our programming,” she said. “Nothing is better than feeling strong, confident, and healthy like I can conquer anything I set my mind to. It’s the best stress reliever and mind-clearer, and the physical results that come from working out are great, too.”

She said she’s been less strict with eating lately, mostly due to the quarantine, but she still focuses on eating as healthy as possible. 

“I base most of my food choices on my food sensitivities and my goals, while still getting a balance of protein, fat, and carbs in my diet every day,” she said. “I avoid the things I am most sensitive to because I know they don’t make me feel great, and have learned what eating those foods does to my visceral fat level. I tend to eat a lot of the same foods for a period of time, get bored, switch it up, and repeat.”

Cravings happen, too, even when you don’t want them too. Kennedy said she makes sure to give in from time to time. 

“I have a huge sweet tooth and love to indulge my cravings sometimes, but in moderation,” she said. 

“Always in moderation. I try to stay on track for almost all of my meals (almost) so when those cravings come around, I have some leeway to fit in something indulgent.”

Her advice for others? Take things slow. 

“Getting started toward a healthy lifestyle can often be difficult because it’s often overwhelming,” she said. “New terms, new movements, and a new routine can be a big bite to chew at once. I found that taking things slow, at your own pace, and giving yourself grace and understanding as you transform your life one thing at a time usually heeds more of a permanent change than leading to being burnt out. Get involved with your gym community, ask questions, and rely on your new coaches and trainers to help you through it. That’s what we’re here for, after all.”

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