Fit Feature: Brittney Sommers

Brittney Sommers, 34, of Haslett, is a surgical technologist with some pretty big motivation to be healthy. First off, she recently underwent weight loss surgery and lost 125 pounds. And second, she’s going to be married.

“Being able to tone up the muscles under the skin and see that change helps with the excess skin,” she said. “Wanting to tone up my arms, chest and back to not only look my best but feel my best in my wedding dress has really been my new motivation.”




She said she alternates between workouts with her Anytime Fitness/Haslett personal trainer, Victoria, and time on the treadmill.

“I have also started adding team training to my schedule when it works just to change things up and learn new exercises.”

She said she focuses on a high protein, low fat, low carb diet. With her surgery, she said her stomach can only hold four to five ounces of food at a time.

“Protein is always the focus of my meal and then I add in veggies and fruits,” she said. “I eat many small meals or snacks throughout the day. Also, how much I can eat depends on how my stomach acts that day; some days I can eat more than others. It has taught me to really listen to my body and to stop before I get uncomfortably full.”

She said she doesn’t worry about giving in to cravings.

“I believe in eating right 80 percent of the time, and living my life,” she said. “I focus on meeting my protein goals, first, and complete my diet by eating what sounds good and meets the rest of my goals. I’m definitely eating cake at my wedding!”

She said the weight loss surgery has changed her life for the better.

“Having the surgery gave me a new lease on my life,” she said. “It has allowed me to not worry about diabetes (which runs in my family), be able to do things I wouldn’t have been able to at a heavier weight, like fit comfortably in a seat on an airplane and on a roller coaster. Losing weight gave me the courage to change other aspects of my life. I went back and got another degree to change my career and started dating. Having surgery was a big lifestyle change but it gave me all these incredible things. My only regret is not doing it sooner.”

She said anyone can make a healthy change for the better, too, just take your time.

“To make a real change it has to be a lifestyle change,” she said. “Have that cookie with your kids, get that dessert on your anniversary, indulge when the occasion calls for it. Just don’t let that become every meal every day. Enjoy the occasion, then get back on track, and in the gym the next day.”


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