Fit Feature: Christina Wyman

Christina Wyman, 39, of Okemos, learned the hard way that you can’t sacrifice your health for the sake of career success. The university professor and writer said she often put her health second.

“When I first began my career as a teacher thirteen years ago, I was a bit younger and thought nothing of putting my health and wellness on the back burner in favor of crushing my career goals,” she said. “As a result of this misguided decision, my professional life prospered, but my health and quality of life tanked. In no time at all, I developed debilitating insomnia, chronic fatigue, and symptoms of insulin resistance and blood sugar instability.”

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With a new diet and exercise, she has since put much more emphasis on her health.

“It became clear that a highly-processed diet was the culprit behind my health-related issues,” she said. “I soon began paying attention to what and when I ate, but also to how I moved. I’ve been able to completely turn my health.”

She makes sure to do at least five hours a week of cardio, plyometrics and strength training.

“I’d say there’s a fairly even split between the three, in terms of focus,” she said. “I also try to sneak in an extra run during the day, weather permitting. The truth is, I’m not happy if I’m not moving.”

Her diet is low carb and she practices intermittent fasting, too.

“I simply feel better when my body is not in a constant state of digestion, and when I’ve limited the sugar in favor of fat and protein,” she said. “Most importantly, my sleep has benefitted tremendously. For nearly three years, I ran on three hours of sleep per night. Since making these dietary changes, my sleepless nights are now few and far between.”

Wyman said fitness has become her lifestyle and she can’t imagine going back. “Fitness has become as much a part of my lifestyle as reading, spending time with my husband, writing, and teaching,” she said. “It’s simply a part of me, and for this, I am grateful,  although it took a lot of hard work for me to “normalize” fitness as a lifestyle.”

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