Fit Feature: Lois Hopkins

In retirement, Lois Hopkins, 68, of East Lansing, has figured out that she has to keep moving to stay healthy. She’s a coach with the Playmakers’ Women’s 5K Training Team, a good form walking coach and a yoga instructor.

“I feel working out is important for my health and I believe that, as I age, if I stop moving eventually I won’t be able to move,” she said. “Fitness and a healthy diet go hand-in-hand. There is a saying that you can’t outrun a bad diet.”

Hopkins said she participates in a variety of actives throughout the week.

“Normally I will walk or run three to five miles,” she said. “I also attend a yoga class, or work out at the gym in a small group personal training class.”

She said she’s also gradually moving toward a plant-based diet.

“I also try to minimize added sugars,” she said. “Everything is about choices. Sometimes I make choices that are wiser than others. We have to give ourselves grace and acceptance.”

She said motivation and accountably are key when it comes to staying active.

“If you have trouble staying motivated, make a plan to meet friends to work out,” she said. “You have then made a commitment to not only yourself but to others. Make it fun or you won’t do it!”


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