Fit Feature: Jill Tribell

Jill Tribell, 69, of Okemos, is a retired Holt Public Schools elementary teacher. After years of keeping up with her students Tribell said that, in retirement, she realized she needed new movement routines and healthier eating.

“About four years ago I joined a Playmakers running group with my husband,” she said. “Neither of us had ever been runners, though we had always been active in other ways. This was a new adventure for both of us.”

It definitely worked to keep her active. In 2019, she said she completed 25 races.

“I’ve accumulated a few medals, but usually I am happy to just get outside and complete the race with a good time,” she said.

In addition to her running group, Tribell said she takes a tai chi class each week and added a strength class for runners.

“This has helped me regain a quicker running pace and the core strength that I think I had completely lost,” she said. “I have been keeping a log of my exercise for 4 years now. My goal is to get at least 30 minutes of movement each day. Writing down what I have completed each day has helped keep me mindful of my progress.”

She said she’s lost 50 pounds by going through Weight Watchers with a friend during this time, as well. She said it’s hard to keep it off, though.

“Each day is a new beginning, so I readjust when I need to and work to get back on the path of healthy eating,” she said. “When the eating and moving are both in sync I feel so much better, inside and out. I like myself more and feel more positive about everything. Finding that balance just makes life better!” 


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