Fit Feature: Marcie Kay Reynolds

Marcie Kay Reynolds, 35, of Charlotte, has a passion for staying fit and keeping a clear head. It’s that motivation that’s vital to improving her performance as an occupational therapist and health coach. 

“Working out helps me focus my energy on the present and daily stressors. It allows me to release negative emotions and gain positive energy. Day in and day out, as a healthcare professional, I pride myself on providing excellent patient care and connecting with my patients. Being healthy, and appearing healthy, is very important when you are trying to help your patients recover and live healthier lifestyles. So, internally, I may stress myself out a little. I am very hard on myself and working out allows me to release those daily pressures.”

Reynolds said she attacks her workouts with vigor, too. Two to three times a week she makes it through intense boot camp workouts and weight training. 

“I live for intense workouts,” she said. “If I’m not breathing like I’m going to pass out, I’m not satisfied with my performance. If I leave a workout feeling exhausted, then my heart is happy. I love being challenged. I don’t have a lot of time to work out, so when I do, I want it to be efficient.”

Her diet, while being healthy as possible when she can, isn’t as intense. She follows a workout program that is more about diet than exercise. 

But it’s still very effective and has helped her keep up with her three-year-old daughter.

“Some days I’m a broccoli and chicken girl and then the next day I could literally win a competitive eating contest,” she joked. “Seriously, though, I am happiest and feel my best when I am sticking with a low carb, high protein diet. I learned, if I eat smaller portions, multiple times a day with a high cumulative protein ratio, I can get lean quickly. The program taught me how to eat properly and how to enjoy food without restricting things I love. This lifestyle has helped me keep up with my sassy, energetic and adorable daughter.”

Staying on track is always a challenge, but Reynolds said she sets goals and looks to heavenly help when needed.  “The more consistent I am with healthy eating, the easier it is to resist temptations,” she said. “I am a stubborn Irish girl and I am only competitive with myself. If I put my mind to something, I will do it. With God, everything is possible. I often pray when I get off track and God always takes care of me and puts me back in line. Setting goals is the best way for me to stay on track.”

As a health coach, she said she puts what she’s learned into practice and helps others lose weight. Her best piece of advice is to do your research. 

“My advice for others is to do your research on weight loss products,” she explained. “Unfortunately, it is easy for companies to generate fake reviews, so I have lost faith in that approach.  Ask around to see if anyone has tried or likes the product and check the ingredients.  Unfortunately, when it comes to reading nutritional labels, most of us stop reading after the calorie count. You do not need to be a nutrition expert to figure out what is nutritionally beneficial and what is toxic.


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