Fit Feature: Jackie Cousineau

As an emergency room nurse, Jackie Cousineau, 27, of Olivet, turns to fitness as a way to release daily pressure.

“You can imagine how my job would expose me to stress that the average person doesn’t have to deal with,” she said. “Working out allows me to relax my mind. I just put on my music and escape into my zone. If I miss a day working out, I feel lost.”

Her once-a-day workouts vary between leg workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and upper body on Tuesday and Thursday. Before every lift she runs five to eight miles, also running or sprinting on the weekends.

“People following me on my Instagram (@jac3_cous) will sometimes ask me about my diet or exercise; same with my co-workers. My advice to all reads like a Nike ad… JUST DO IT! I can tell you what I do when I work out but that’s not for everyone,” she said. “People are always asking me, too, how do I stay motivated? It’s a lifestyle; it’s like eating, sleeping and breathing for me. There are times when I’m sleep deprived and haven’t eaten but I still get my workout in.”

She said she keeps healthy snacks on hand and has a simple but sound plan for eating.

“My diet is, basically, don’t eat junk,” she said. “I’ve never been a snacker or a pizza lover so I guess it’s easier for me. As a child, growing up, we never ate out or had fast food. Now I pretty much eat what I want which is, normally, fruits, veggies and chicken/shrimp/tuna/venison.”

Her advice to others is to find a good support network and stick with it.

“I promise, with the right people, you won’t regret it! Don’t use not being in shape as a reason not to join. You’ve got to start somewhere!”

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