Fit Feature: Andrew Chapin

Andrew Chapin, 38, is a psychology and physical education teacher at Mason High School who knows the importance of a good workout.

“Fitness is the foundation of my lifestyle, giving me more energy in everything I do,” he said. “Being fit allows me to be more active in the classroom, gives me energy to coach youth sports with enthusiasm, and it gives me the endurance to still, even at the end of a long work day, run around with my three sons.”

Because his days are full, Chapin says he doesn’t have time for longer workouts so he sticks to an hour, at most. Each day, though, he does something different.

“If it’s Monday, I lift legs and do abs,” he said. “Tuesday, it’s a hill workout. Wednesday is a run for fun day. Thursday is a speed workout. Friday is another lifting day and Saturday is a long-distance running day. Sunday is my off day.”

He said he loves to run marathons.

“I’ve run 11 of them, including Boston,” he said. “I try to run one or two a year.”

He said he keeps his diet simple: he only drinks water, avoids sweets and doesn’t over eat.

“I don’t really ever feel the need to cheat with my diet,” he said. “That’s probably due to the fact that my diet isn’t too restrictive to begin with. However, I also believe it’s okay to treat yourself on special occasions, especially if you’ve earned it.”

He said he has three pieces of advice. “Find something that you will continue to do every day,” he said. “Second: Mix up your workouts. When I first started running, I simply ran to log miles. Now I mix in hills, speed, distance and runs for fun to avoid a mundane workout program. And finally, put something on the calendar. Having a race or an event to get in shape for can be big time motivation.”


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