Travel sports parents: A toast to you!

It’s time for a toast. For all the parents who have made it through another travel season, this toast is for you! We have survived. We did it!

Here’s to a respite from driving the carpool to the Five:1 Volleyball Club in Clio for practices (over an hour away!). Thank you coaches for your tireless effort! My daughter loved her team. And as parents, we love that. It’s worth the drives through wicked weather and nasty traffic to watch practice, watch her play, and see her have fun. We’re all grateful for that. 

Here’s to the end of those four hour drives, and sometimes flying, to wherever the next tournament is all to watch our child play a game she loves. Here’s to making it through house cleaning at sketchy hotels, creatively packing snacks and freaking out about check out times when the team has to ref that last game we weren’t counting on. Or worse, right? What about those games that came close to potential flight departure problems.

We dodged a few of those this season.

Here’s to taking a break from sitting in over air-conditioned and under-heated convention centers on rows of attached chairs that may, or may not, have padding. Or sitting next to the really loud parents who live and die on everything their kid did on the court. We survived a season of whistles and high-pitched cheers that made ears bleed. Am I right? That was loud wasn’t it?

But we did it! 

We made it though another round of group dinners, playing schedules that were either too early, or too late in the day, to do all that we wanted to do with the kids. But we still made sure to have fun on those days anyway, didn’t we? It was great.

And now this season is done. Salut! 

It’s definitely time to celebrate. We’re now a season closer to the next level. And guess what? Travel in college is not like this, so please, cherish this time. Toast these moments, like we’re doing now, and commit them to memory. For they end. I’ve made it through softball and basketball travel seasons, some at the same time, as well as a few piano recitals, and they all end. I remember them all.

Some of my best times with my daughters have been through sports. I’ve seen them rise to challenges, respond to pressure and handle failure like champions. The highs and lows of sports echo through life. My girls are better people because of sports. 

A season ends, and at least for now, another begins. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Enjoy the issue. 


written by Tim Kissman, publisher Healthy & Fit Magazine.


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