The future of genetics

This past month I read two books that focused on the large (and I mean LARGE) topic of genetics. Hacking Darwin by Jamie Metzl and The Sports Gene by David Epstein. Science-based topics are fascinating to me. The 21st century technologies hold so much potential, it really is amazing.

If you thought that your future, health, well being and longevity were strictly a foregone conclusion you might want to think again. With the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 and the convergence of technologies brought about with the digital revolution, the 20th century mindset is, as former Detroit Tiger announcer George Kell used to say “Long-Gone.”

According to author Jamie Metzl “in an ideal world, everyone would have their full genome sequenced and all personal and medical data recorded accurately in a standardized electronic medical record shareable with researchers in an open network.” The potentials for hyper-personalized medicine, where each of us has customized well-being care is quickly coming. What if figuring out the right dose of medicine was as simple as taking your temperature?

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb stated  in 2018 that “gene therapy will become a mainstay in treating, and maybe curing, many of our most devastating and intractable diseases.”  Welcome to the age of George Jetson everybody!

The computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, epigenetics,  nanotechnology, biotechnology, and the science fiction revolution all have different names today. Different technologies are rivers converging into one mega revolutionary tidal wave, washing over what it means to be a human being. Being a member of the human race is looking very interesting. If we ride this wave, the only limit for how far we can go is, perhaps, our collective imagination.

Think forward and believe because the following is about to occur:

  • Personalized medical  growth
  • Maximized self-improvement
  • Aging better
  • Living better
  • Performing better
  • Avoiding illness


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