A milestone to celebrate

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” ~Lao Tzu

Over the years, my mom has often reminded me of how early I walked. In fact, it was at the age of 7 months, and on my first birthday, I danced while my baby friends crawled or were held in their parent’s arms. I believe God puts something in each of us at birth that somewhat represents a blueprint of our being and existence.  

On May 7, 2019, I will celebrate five decades on this planet. Each year, I feel more and more grateful for the love and support of my parents. During my childhood and while growing up, I recall them always being cheerful, loving and caring while encouraging me to stand up for my dreams. I’m still in the process of transforming my life and want to share a few tips that have been helpful for me.

Small positive steps                                                                                                                

Envision your goals as a baby taking first steps. Each day, take action by investing in yourself, and always remain optimistic.  There will be hard times and you may fall down and get a few bumps and bruises. Even so, I encourage you to keep the faith and constantly step forward.

Let it be                                                                                                                                    

Don’t worry about people, things and circumstances you cannot change.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion and it’s important to respect that. Never sweat the small stuff and always move forward.  This will allow you to cope with obstacles as they arise. Use your time and energy to focus on your hopes and dreams.

Be yourself 

Always remember, an original is always worth more than a copy and you have greatness within you!  Look at life as a process of growing and learning about the person that you were created to be.  There’s no one else like you and that makes you special. 

Challenge your brain                                                                                                                    

I encourage you to learn something new every day to help keep your mind active and inspired.


Kimberly Whitfield is the owner of Kimberly Inspiring Beauty in Strength, a fitness instructor at Michigan State University and Trinity A.M.E. Church; a bodybuilder, and a public speaker.  Visit her on the web at for a list of her classes. 


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