Tighten up your abs and assets with boxing

ne of the things I enjoy about fitness is the variety of ways you can switch things up. In early February, I came across an inspiring Instagram post from a friend. He was working out at a local boxing gym in the greater Lansing area. I was so inspired that I phoned him to chat about his workouts, and since February 2019 I’ve added boxing to my workouts five days a week.

If you follow me on social media, you may recall my March 2017 trip to Las Vegas, NV to train at the Mayweather Boxing Club. I had the time of my life and was blessed to train with awesome trainers that included Floyd Mayweather Sr., Roger Mayweather, and Jeff Mayweather.  I also had the opportunity to meet the AMAZING Layla McCarter, the second female fighter signed to Mayweather Promotions. If you’re looking to change up or add to your current workout regimen, try boxing. Below, I have shared some of the benefits:

Empowering workout                                                                                                       I love to sweat, and during each 6 a.m. workout I sweat a lot.  Each session has me feeling like I’m on top of the world and what’s also great is that I’m getting stronger and leaner.  As an added bonus, I feel sexy and strong.

Boosts your mind and spirit                                                                                       Life can be full of ups and downs, however, we are in control of our mindset. Boxing workouts allow you to relieve frustration and reduce stress.

Comradery rocks                                                                                                               There is so much positive energy felt during each class and I’ve had the opportunity to meet incredibly amazing new friends that I look forward to seeing.  It’s so awesome when a teammate next to me yells out “30 seconds!”  That simple call-out encourages me to keep going and push through until I hear the bell.

Promotes youthfulness                                                                                                                  Boxing workouts incorporate jump roping which makes me feel youthful.  I’ll be 50 next month so it feels great to do something that we often do more between the ages of 5 and 12 years of age.

Improved body composition                                                                                            If you have a few areas of concern, boxing workouts will help you tighten them up.  


Kimberly Whitfield is the owner of Kimberly Inspiring Beauty in Strength, a fitness instructor at Michigan State University and Trinity A.M.E. Church; a bodybuilder, and a public speaker.  Visit her on the web at kwinspires.com for a list of her classes. 

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