Finding motiviatio​n is key to health and fitness ​

Developing a strategy to live a life that is fulfilling and healthy is challenging. Two important keys to success are motivation and discipline. Motivation is an emotion with peaks and valleys.  Discipline being a behavior takes time and effort.

Motivation is defined by the desire or willingness to accomplish something. It is the front door to lifelong self-improvement.  I use this simple equation: Inspiration + Inclination = Motivation

What happens after I walk through the door and my motivation fades, energy slows? A shot of self-discipline is needed!

Discipline is defined as orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior and self-control: Self Discipline = Result. Self-discipline, being a skill, takes practice; behavior modification takes time and commitment. To be disciplined you must be determined.

More than any other quality, discipline is what pushes a person to thrive and survive when faced with adversity. 

Dr. Gro Jordalen of the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences studied the connection between motivation and self-discipline in athletes. Interestingly enough, she determined that elite athletes depend on motivation and discipline. Jordalen found that high performing athletes in the short-term needed to be disciplined to stay motivated. She also found that in the long term being motivated makes it easier to remain disciplined. An interesting paradox.

Motivation leads to incremental self-improvement.   Motivation is a catalyst, the spark. Discipline is the fuel that powers the engine.  Habits need discipline to become sticky. When we blend the ‘motivation-discipline’ concepts together in the right balance magic happens.

When motivation wanes, and it will, those who have developed self-discipline will find success.

Think about these:

  • Start prioritizing
  • Face your fears.
  • Chunk your time.


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