The Izzo Legacy 5K Run/Walk set for April 13

The Izzo Legacy Run/Walk will be held on April 13 on Michigan State’s campus. The 5K event will start by the Hall of History at Breslin Student Events Center and finish outside of Spartan Stadium. Participants will then enter the stadium for a victory lap around the field.  

The Izzo family will partner with Playmakers and On Target Living to host the event to connect the Alumni, MSU, and Mid-Michigan communities in a positive celebration of Coach Izzo’s legacy. 

The event is the first for the newly formed Izzo Legacy Family Fund, designed to bring people together to benefit local charities in the MSU and Mid-Michigan communities. The Izzo Legacy Run/Walk will focus on fitness, fun, family, Spartan spirit and charitable giving. 

Interested participants can choose from five events: 3 point 5K Run/Walk, Slam Dunk 1 mile walk, Future Spartan half mile Children’s Run, Virtual Izzo 5K run/walk (for participants off site) and the Spartan Sprint Children’s Run. The cost to register starts at $40 for the 3 Point 5k, $35 for the Slam Dunk 1 mile walk, $20 for the Future Spartan half mile Children’s Run and Spartan Sprint Children’s Run, and $30 for the Virtual Izzo. These prices include discounts for participants who register more than a month in advance (prior to March 13). 

“Mid Michigan has been home to Tom and me for virtually all of our adult lives,” said Lupe Izzo. “Our bond to our community is special and probably unique when compared to other coaches across the country. Quite frankly, it’s one of the reasons we’ve never left. Forming the Izzo Legacy gives us a chance to establish a sustainable way to give back to the MSU and Mid-Michigan Communities for years to come. We hope to be able to bring people together to form a team or, better yet, a family where we can all give back together.”

“Since the Izzo Legacy Run/Walk is on the morning of the Spring Football game, it provides an opportunity for alumni to return to campus, attend the Spring Football game and participate in the run/walk. This is an event that is good for the entire family and one that we hope becomes an annual tradition for people of all ages.”

Registration at will open online at 8:00 am on Feb. 11. 

5K event participants will receive a commemorative event medal and Nike t-shirt.

About The Izzo Legacy Family Fund
Tom and Lupe Izzo created the Izzo Legacy Family Fund to formalize their commitment to the community they have called home and raised their family. It is meant to bring together people in the community through charitable endeavors for the common purpose of helping others. The Izzo Family Fund is held at the Community Foundation. 

About The Playmakers Fitness Foundation
Playmakers is an award-winning footwear and apparel store established in 1981. Playmakers formed the non-profit Playmakers Fitness Foundation in 2011 with a mission to empower people in the Mid-Michigan community to adopt and sustain a healthier and more active lifestyle by providing opportunities for people to move more and educational programs that train people to move better.  

About On Target Living
On Target Living is a health and performance company specializing in guiding organizations and individuals to perform at their best. The On Target Living lifestyle is centered on three pillars they call–REST | EAT | MOVE. With a mission to transform the health & performance of humans one-person and one-organization at a time! On Target Living believes everyone should experience the power of feeling their best!


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