Fit Feature: India Heard

India Heard, 24, of Holt, uses yoga not only as a means of staying fit, but as a stress reliever as well. 

“When I don’t work out my everyday life gets exhausting and overwhelming,” she said. “My typical workout is Buti Yoga, which means the secret cure. It is the combination of yoga, plyometrics, High Impact Interval Training, and tribal dance. This practice will increase your strength, endurance and build your confidence.”

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Heard should know the value of yoga. She’s a yoga teacher at the Downtown YMCA, as well as a property analyst for the state. She also runs her own yoga business, Ardha Moon Yoga, in Lansing.

“Buti and traditional yoga practices have changed my life,” she said. “I am more peaceful and body aware. I have more energy, joy and a stronger faith because of the discipline of these practices.”

She said she has decreased the amount of sugar and meat that she eats, while also regulating her portion sizes.

“My current diet includes mostly fruits, veggies, fish, and eggs,” she said. “I eat a very simple diet and only foods I enjoy. I have developed a lifestyle of self-control and realistic constraints so that cheating is technically not an option. Saturday and Sunday are the days I am able to treat myself to sugar. But Monday to Friday I consume healthy foods and make eating a mindful experience.”

She said a simple life and habits are a realistic start for anyone looking to live healthy. “It is so important to eat and move daily, so instead of fad diets and choosing exercise you don’t enjoy, find the things that do lift your spirit, mind, and body,” she said.


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