Fit Feature: Kathi Shipley

Kathi Shipley, 49, of Holt, has a simple goal: She wants to live to be 100. As her 50th birthday looms in July, this nurse and mother is more determined than ever to make sure that century mark becomes a reality.

“My goals have changed,” she said. “I no longer want to compete or compare myself to others. My goals are to be the strongest and healthiest I can be. I am more flexible, have better balance, and am stronger than I have been in decades. I am excited every day when I walk into the gym. I am excited to see my friends, excited to train, and excited to see what new skills I can learn.”

Shipley trains at Redemption Fitness in Holt with her coach Ronica Rodriguez. She said she trains with weights in a high intensity workout for at least one hour, six days a week.

“Working out makes me feel strong,” she said. “I love the feeling that I am never too old to learn and to gain new skills. I adore my gym family and the support system I have there.”

She said her diet is also healthy, with plenty of lean meats, vegetables, rice, potatoes and water. There’s even a protein shake for after her workouts.

“By cutting carbohydrates, I find that my cravings are minimal,” she said. “The biggest temptations are usually tied to social situations. If those around me are making poor food choices or drinking alcohol, it is a challenge. I will also inform my friends that I am choosing to abstain and that I appreciate their support in my fitness.”

She said success with health and fitness comes from passion and finding people who support your choices.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s CrossFit, biking, running, a triathlon, or long walks in the woods,” she said. “You are more likely to be active and stay active if you love what you are doing and share it with like-minded others. Don’t let anyone define you by your age, your size, or your fitness level. Never stop trying to be the best version of yourself. It is never too late to change, improve, and evolve.”

*Photo by Powless Brothers Photography


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