Success! Alexander Bubin

Alexander Bubin, 28, of East Lansing, knew that he had to make a lifestyle change. He was a couch potato on his way to becoming obese. As a result, he started moving and found that he liked living a healthy lifestyle. With a new approach to life, a new body, and a positive outlook, the sky is the limit. This is his story, 

Why do you feel the need to work out?

Actually, I work out to keep myself occupied. I have found that over the course of my life if I don’t have something to keep me active, I will do nothing but spend time on my couch. Since I started working out back in April, I’ve felt better every single day; better than at any other point over the last decade. This is definitely what keeps me heading back to the gym. I also keep track of my daily fitness progress using an Apple Watch, and I have friends and coworkers who get notifications when I complete a workout. They have come to expect these notifications on days they know I work out.

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What’s your typical workout like?

I’m currently training three times a week. My trainer, Scott Abramouski of M43 Fitness, will typically give me a workout. I try to both increase my overall weight for each exercise while also trying to decrease the amount of time between my sets. I try to keep my rest periods between sets to around 30 seconds and about 1 minute between each superset to maximize the effectiveness of an elevated heart rate.

How is your diet?

When I started this fitness journey, it was to help expend leftover energy resulting from being on the ketogenic diet. I was eating extremely low carb and dropping weight very quickly. Exercise definitely accelerated this process. More recently I’ve begun transitioning back into a “normal” diet. I meal prep every week, and my meal plan is different on training days than it is on rest days. I still eat very low carb on rest days, restricting my carb intake to about 10g and practice intermittent fasting to maximize fat loss. All week I make sure that my body gets enough protein and fats to promote muscle gain. Being able to give my body the fuel it needs without flooding my system with sugar is probably the most important thing I’ve learned during this journey.

Ever feel the need to cheat? How do you overcome the urge?

I’ve certainly had my slip-ups in social situations, but a majority of my “cheating” has been meticulously planned rather than thrown together haphazardly. During regular days where I have a craving for something in particular, I will usually drink as much water as I can stomach and then watch cooking videos on the internet. Oddly enough, this works for me. Drinking lots and lots of water really helps me avoid falling prey to unnecessary sugar on a daily basis.

How has fitness helped you with your lifestyle?

My lifestyle has improved significantly since I began this weight loss journey. Everything from feeling and looking better, to advancing in my career. Discovering the world of fitness has opened so many doors for me socially and occupationally, though not directly. My weight loss has drastically improved my self-confidence and the way I see myself, and this has impacted me in so many different ways.

Advice for others?

If I can do it, you can too. My advice would be to do research, learn about how to eat right. Find a gym, or buy some running shoes, and just do anything that feels like exercise. No matter how slow you go, you’re lapping everyone who is at home sitting on their couch. Don’t start off too hard or you’ll discourage yourself from going back, build it up over time  Don’t give up. You can do it.


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