Fit Feature: Sarah Daigneault

Sarah Daigneault, 38, of St. Johns, is a mother of three young children who is also a personal trainer, sports nutrition specialist and group fitness instructor. She teaches classes at several locations around mid-Michigan, with her own personal training company, UpLift PT, located in Snap Fitness, St. Johns.

“My first love in fitness is weight lifting,” she said. “I love the adrenaline rush and empowerment I feel when I lift more weight than I ever have before. My dance background forces me to pay close attention to my form and working on a stronger mind-muscle connection. I think it is important to be well rounded, make it fun, and to keep your body guessing.”

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She said she has a flexible diet to stay healthy and avoid cravings.

“I eat as clean as possible most of the time but I do allow myself to be human,” she said. “My strategy to overcome too much cheating is to think of the hard work I’ve been putting in, and how good it feels to walk away and make a better choice.”

Her advice for others: “The start of something is always the hardest part to overcome. To anyone who is struggling, the first step is to decide the real reason why you want what you want. That will be your driving force to keep you going, then you just start because you are so much stronger than you think you are.”

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