Fit Feature: Kelly Hynes

Kelly Hynes, 25, of Grand Rapids, is an entrepreneur and yoga instructor who makes sure to live the best healthy lifestyle that she can.

“I feel the need to work out because I have trained my body to do so,” she said. “I want to live a long life full of movement and be able to give to others emotionally and physically.”

Hynes, who just moved from Sunfield, makes sure to change up her workouts as much as she can.

“The body needs a constant change of motion,” she said. “Between lifting, yoga, plyometrics and just making a walk in the park with my kids a little more challenging by hopping and skipping, bear crawling and just being silly, it all counts for a workout.”

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Hynes eats a plant-based diet, but makes sure to keep her options open.

“Everyone’s body is different. This is what works for me,” she said. “As humans, we are really good at being extremist, and part of being a well-rounded healthy person is indulging once in a while.”

She said fitness has helped her improve her outlook on life.

“Because I am consistent and physically healthy when it comes to food and workouts, splurging and taking a break is okay because my mind and body are trained to come right back to it.” she said. “It took me a lifetime of inconsistency and about a year of consistency to learn this, and I’m still learning. My advice for others is to make food and movement fun! It’s all in the way you look at it. Think about it:  as kids we don’t know that movement is even a chore, we just love the feeling of being free and playing. As adults, we have to find that new freeness within food and exercise.”


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