Fit Feature: Kayla Smith

Kayla Smith, 27, of Eaton Rapids, is the manager of the HealthWorks Fitness Center, located in the Eaton Rapids Medical Center. She said she loves her job; it gives her the chance to stay in shape and be healthy through her work.

“My main motivation in working out is to feel good on the inside and out,” she said. “I love what it does for my energy levels, my self-esteem and especially my mood. Exercise is one of the best ways for me to relieve the day-to-day stressors we all deal with.”

As a full-time working mom with two children, she finds efficient ways to accomplish her workouts.

“I typically work out in only 30-minute increments,” she said. “My favorite piece of equipment is the kettlebells – they are so versatile. I also do a lot with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) because it is very effective and easily adds variety to my routine, so it keeps it interesting.”

She said she strives to eat moderate portions and small meals throughout the day, opting for the healthiest options that are available to her.

“Because I am hypoglycemic, I find that smaller meals throughout the day help to regulate my blood sugar and keep up my energy,” she said. “I also focus on not entirely eliminating things from my diet, but instead substituting with a healthier option.”

She said finding a goal and working toward it is a great way to start down the health and wellness path.

“Some of my most successful clients set goals of being able to walk up the stairs, walk without a cane or keep up with their kids,” she said. “Goals that influence a person’s daily life are some of the most rewarding and therefore some of the most motivating.”  

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