Fit Feature: John Deal

John Deal, 24, is a Michigan State University graduate who has taken his fitness to another level. He’s currently the strength and conditioning coach at First Line Performance, in Plymouth.

“I feel the need to work out because I enjoy being on my feet and moving. I have never been good at sitting still,” he said. “I have played hockey my whole life so I have always been active. When I am unable to work out, I can feel myself getting antsy. I also like the accomplished feeling that I get after finishing a hard workout.”

Deal likes to take on endurance events like marathons and obstacle races like Spartan Races.

“The majority of my workouts have been more running and endurance-based weightlifting,” he said. “During the winter, since I do not like running in the cold, I tend to focus on correcting muscle imbalances I have developed during the summer.”

He said he eats a healthy diet, works on controlling any cheating urges and concentrates on being in shape.

“Finding people who enjoy the same activities that you do makes maintaining an active lifestyle easier and more fun,” he said. “It also allows me to have a great stress reliever. When I am doing my workout, I am able to block out the outside problems that I am having, and can focus on me and bettering myself which in turn allows me to deal with daily stressors better.”

He said his advice for better health is easy — start small.

“The key to adapting to a healthy lifestyle is to start with small changes that you can keep, and then move on from there,” he said. “Instead of a complete diet overhaul, start with trying to eat an apple as a snack instead of chips. Once you can maintain that, try to bring lunch to work instead of ordering takeout or McDonalds. Although starting slow and building on small changes take time, the change to a healthier lifestyle is not a sprint as much as we would like.”


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