Fit Feature: Gretchen Lain

You don’t have to tell Gretchen Lain, 38, of Charlotte, about the benefits of exercising when it comes to releasing the day’s stress. She’s perfected the idea.

Lain is a departmental analyst in the Disciplinary Action Unit for the Division of Child Welfare and Licensing for the State of Michigan.

“Eating is an essential aspect of being healthy and when I feel my endorphins and toxins release, I know that the positive benefits are good for personal longevity,” she said. “Having a stressful occupation in the human services industry is fulfilling but also requires a release; exercise lets me rid myself of the stressors that come with the job.”

She said she works out three to four times per week with up to 40 minutes of intense cardio, adding another round of weight training as well. Her diet has always been a challenge.

She said she struggled with her weight since her youth, but learned to practice moderation in her food choices, while focusing on fresh and clean food throughout the week. She does allow for pizza on the weekend sometimes, she said. Her diet also helped her deal with spinal cord issues that have nagged her since she was younger.

“When I was in my late twenties, I was diagnosed with five different serious issues related to my spinal cord, which caused me to physically pass out at times because of the intense pain,” she said. “Alleviating the extra weight by learning about wellness, toxins, health, and fitness while implementing a balanced, moderated, and controlled lifestyle has been an exponential contributor to my happiness, positive spirit, successes, and confidence.  I can happily report I have been virtually pain-free since 2009.”

She said she enjoys helping others find their way to a healthier lifestyle.

“My fitness goal is to get others involved in a healthy life balance including gym time and eating better so they can be their best self,” she said. “I am constantly asking people to go with me to yoga, the gym, anything so they can live a happier life.”

She said managing expectations and learning about the healthy lifestyle gives you a good chance for success.

“Know this, there is nothing more important than balancing your brain and body through moderation and practice,” she said. “The struggle is real. Becoming the best you does not happen overnight, sometimes it may take months or even years. Think about how long it took you to become who you are today, it may take that long to reverse the process. But never give up. All the negative self-talk that makes us fearful of the unknown can be undone.”  


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