Fit Feature: Alyssa Guadagni

Michigan State University student Alyssa Guadagni, 20, of Brighton, has figured out how to decompress from the stresses of being a student and work.

“I grew up in a very active family, so the enjoyment of being active was instilled in me at a young age,” she said. “Today, I use my time in the gym as ‘me time’ where I can just de-stress and not worry about school or work. I also really love seeing the progress I’ve made.”

Guadagni works out five to six times per week, focusing on different muscle sets. She likes to focus on chest, shoulders, and triceps one day, while shifting to legs on another, with some high-intensity training thrown in.

“I always listen to my body and adjust my workouts according to how I’m feeling,” she said. “If I’m too sore to do a certain movement or I’m just not feeling it that day, I will come up with something else to do that won’t be as strenuous.”

She said she makes sure to eat whole foods when she can, but doesn’t restrict what she eats.

“I was constantly searching for the healthiest diet when, in reality, there is no one correct way to eat because each body is different and processes/reacts to food differently. I now live a life of moderation.”

She said being healthy has made all the difference in her experience at school.

“Living an active lifestyle has made me such a happy person,” she said. “I have met so many of my friends while working out at the gym, playing IM sports, doing yoga, and joining fitness-based clubs. I think it’s so important to move your body and get your blood pumping in some way or another each day. My mentality and self-confidence have improved tremendously since choosing to lead an active lifestyle, as well. All around, I am just in a happier state when I’m working towards new goals and surrounded by friends with similar mindsets.”


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