Fit Feature: Emily Wacyk Paski

Emily Wacyk Paski, 28, of Lansing, is a second-year law student in the Michigan State University College of Law. The former journalist and public health administrator said she has a passion for living a healthy lifestyle.

“To live a healthy lifestyle, I try to get back to nature as much as possible,” she said. “I enjoy gardening and eating a primarily plant-based diet with whole grains and good fats. I’ve been a pescatarian (a vegetarian who eats fish) for about 14 years.”

She said she sticks with her diet, but does take breaks from it to enjoy chocolate and baked goods from time to time. She avoids caffeine and enjoys tea when she can get it. For workouts, she stays as active as she can and practices yoga and meditation at Just B Yoga Studio, a community-centered and donation-based studio in ReoTown.

Her favorite form of exercise is hiking.

“I love to hike and climb, so I frequent Lansing’s nature centers and county parks,” she said. “When I have breaks from school and work, I travel to national parks (and international parks) to hike — last year I hiked in Joshua Tree National Park with my partner and the Rocky Mountain National Park with my son! I’m a single parent to a five-year-old who inherited my love for pastries and my passion for hiking and climbing, so he keeps me pretty active, too.”

She said she puts an emphasis on keeping her mind healthy, too.

“I believe that nature has already given us most of what we need to heal our physical and emotional state,” she said. “Just placing your hands in the soil or exposing your eyes to sunlight can change the chemical balance in your brain. When nature isn’t enough, though, it’s also an important part of my health routine to see a therapist every week. Going to therapy is something everyone should try — I find that when I take care of my mental health, my physical health also improves.”


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