Fit Feature: Bruce Kaldor, of Lansing

Bruce J. Kaldor, 55, of Lansing, turns to exercise to help with stress, sleep, and overall wellbeing.

“I’ve learned over the years that I just feel better when I’m working out, which helps push me through the days when I’m not feeling like going to the gym or getting on the bike,” he said. “I’m always glad I worked out — even an abbreviated workout is better than no workout. It keeps the routine consistent which I’ve found to be a big psychological boost.”

Kaldor, who is a web developer, said he alternates workouts between strength training, cycling (mountain and road) as well as other routines. He said he eats small portions and pays close attention to what he eats.

“I recently logged all my food by counting calories for three months, something I recommend people do at least once to get a really good picture of the nutritional value of the food they’re eating,” he said. “I was often amazed at the difference between my perception of a particular food’s value, and the actual reality, based on the numbers.”

He said while he eats as clean as he can, it’s not too bad if you veer off the path with a treat every now and then.

“An occasional splurge is not going to derail a successful nutritional routine and should be enjoyed,” he said. “When I feel the urge for something sweet I’ve got some go-to foods that give me a quick hit of sweetness (chocolate covered almonds for example) where I can have just a few to try and deal with the craving.”

He said he’s currently trying to drop his body fat to a new personal best low level while keeping muscle mass.

“I’m curious about how the middle-aged body responds to these kinds of goals, and about whether or not I can maintain a good level of energy and motivation to train hard while dropping some body fat,” he said. “I’d like to postpone the ‘slowing down’ phase of life for as long as possible!”


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