Fit Feature: Sammy Niehaus

Sammy Niehaus is on a mission—she wants to be healthy.

The 30-year-old elementary school teacher from Jackson just ran her first half marathon. It was a major fitness goal that she set in motion more than eight months before. She loved it and wants to do more events. Much more. After all, she is getting married in August.

“I just finished my first half marathon in May,” she said. “My next goals include lifting heavy weights and getting stronger. I want to be able to squat my body weight and deadlift heavy. My physical goals include getting into my best physical shape prior to my wedding in August.”

She said she currently mixes cardio with weight lifting.

“I like the elliptical, bike, and the stair master,” she said. “My favorite weightlifting routines include weighted squats, deadlifts, and more recently the bench press.”

She follows a Keto diet which limits her carb intake, moderate protein, and high, healthy fats. She said although she tries to be strict, there will be times when she knows she won’t do as well eating, so she makes sure to plan.

“I have found success in the plan to keep myself accountable for everything I consume,” she said. “I am always searching for alternatives to my favorite cheat foods, also.”

She said her new lifestyle has been great and she loves the way she feels.

“Adding physical fitness into my daily routine has changed my lifestyle completely,” she said. “I can enjoy doing so much more with my family and friends. I learned to love what my body can do and to compete against myself every day. I love the feeling of pushing my body to change and helping my muscles to strengthen. It’s become an addiction; one that I can live with!”


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