Fit Feature: Nicole Wildeman

Nicole Wildeman, 33, of Linden, is a former school counselor who is now a health and fitness coach, as well as a stay at home mom. She said she likes to work out to stay healthy, feel strong and keep up with her three young children.

“Working out helps me feel strong, focused, and is a great stress reliever,” she said. “A huge motivating factor for me is feeling able to throw my kids up in the air and catch them or attempting cartwheels in the yard. Plus, we make fitness a family activity, and knowing that I am leading by example, that fitness is fun and a priority, pushes me every day.”

She said she works out primarily at home but makes sure to vary her six-day-a-week, 30-60-minute workouts between cardio, core and strength programs. She also does yoga and makes sure to eat as healthy as she can.

“Food is fuel and adjusting the portions and making small swaps has led to finding balance with what my body needs to be at a peak level,” she said. This includes eating protein, veggies, carbs, fruit and healthy fats daily, just in the right portions to fuel me through my workout and day!”

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She said she doesn’t fight the urge to cheat once in a while but makes sure to find the balance it takes to stay healthy.

“Balance is my motto! I love having wine nights with friends or a bourbon on the deck, and pizza night once in a while is a must,” she said. “But, when you work on having a healthy relationship with food your body will start to crave the good fuel that it needs, too. Accountability and balance are the best way to overcome the urges and allow that cheat once in a while!”

She said fitness has made her a better mom. “As a mom, this lifestyle meant finding foods that helped me reach my goals, but that my children can also enjoy eating,” she said.

“I have more energy, sleep better, have found support from a tribe of amazing men and women to keep me going every day, and it strengthened my mindset to know I am able to focus and achieve things that I never thought were possible. Don’t look for a quick fix, putting yourself “on” or “off” a wagon, deprivation of things you love, or a magic wand, to get you to your goals,” she said. “Focus on balance, put in the work, and earn your results. It will be a rewarding adventure that will stick with you for a lifetime!”


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