Fit Feature: Jay Sarkar

As a former high school swimmer, Jay Sarkar, 27, of East Lansing, knows how valuable a good workout is to overall health. Now a journalist and photographer, he keeps his workouts going to deal with the daily pressures of life. Sarkar is TV sports anchor, formerly on WLNS TV6.

“With how busy work keeps me and  stresses that pop-up day to day, getting a good solid workout helps get the endorphins flowing and keeps me level-headed no matter what the challenges.”

He said he strength trains twice a week with trainers at the State of Fitness, also doing his own workouts three to four times a week. These consist of one or two compound weighted movements (squats, deadlifts, bench press) along with some complimentary exercises. He also likes to bike or be on the stair climber for about 15 minutes.

He said his trainer, Kyle Schoenmaker, has helped with his diet.

“I have done a good job of ending overeating habits and have lost 20 pounds since January,” he said. “I log everything I eat and adjust my caloric intake based on the workout I do for the day. I focus on a lot of lean proteins like chicken, steak, pork, and fish. I am very big on cooking at home so I usually do my meal prep on my days off and eat throughout the week.”

He said he allows for cheat days to help reset his focus. “There are times when I get a craving but I am good about stifling it or saving it for a designated cheat day,” he said. “I’m also realistic about the fact that sometimes things will happen but one bad meal or one bad day of eating doesn’t wreck my entire fitness plan.”

He said his healthy lifestyle has helped him stay focused on his career, boosted his self-confidence and has him focused on preventing future health issues.

“Knowing that getting into better shape is not only good for me but will help me live a long healthy life makes me sleep comfortably at night,” he said. “My parents, while improving their health, still have a lot of issues that could be genetic, such as high cholesterol. Getting into the best possible shape in my twenties is my way of combating those issues. Fitness has also helped me find a community of like-minded individuals at my gym, making it feel like a home.”


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