Fit Feature: Marni Thurston

Marni Thurston, 49, of Holt, is on a roll. She’s checking off goal after goal on her list while she competes in Olympic weightlifting.

“Currently I have a sticky note on my office computer screen and a card on my bathroom mirror with all the records I am going to attempt to set this year,” she said.

“I have already set three state records this year, will go after world records in August and finish the year with American Masters records in November,” she said.

“Next year, I am looking to complete a USAW “Grand Slam” which will be gold medals in all major competitions. I have to have something to chase because not every lifting session is fun. My ultimate goal is to stay as active as possible for as long as possible and continue to show that age is just a number!”

Thurston stays busy as an owner of a fitness studio, an online nutrition counselor and part of her family’s lawn care business. She says she’s fallen in love with working out.

“I started working out as a way to address additional bodyweight after having my first son,” she said. “I remember making the comment that as soon as I lose the weight I will never work out again. Somewhere along the way, I fell in love with being active and healthy.”

She said she’s narrowed her focus to training for Olympic weightlifting and works out three to four days a week for up to two hours at a time. She said her diet includes fairly clean parameters, following a macro-based eating program that allows for a treat once in a while.

“Everyone feels the need to have a cheat treat, but I try not to have it just then because my body is craving it,” she said. I will put it off and plan to eat it a day or two away, and if I still want it then I have planned for it.”

She said being fit has helped her feel young.

“I’m quickly approaching 50 and I don’t feel my age at all,” she said. “You will find me having headstand and handstand contests with my grandchildren or teaching them handstand pushups and Olympic lifts in the gym. People find it hard to believe that I have seven grandchildren.”

Her advice to others is don’t give up.

“You only lose when you quit,” she said. “I have weighed 230 pounds. I have been seriously injured. I have been frustrated and discouraged and wanted to quit, but I refused. As a result, I am stronger and healthier now than I have ever been.”


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