Fit Feature: Sandy Sellers, of Haslett

Sandy Sellers, 35, of Haslett, is a registered dietician and blogger (check out who makes sure to put a strong emphasis on being healthy.

“Honestly, exercising has helped me combat anxiety and depression at different points in my life,” she said. “Working out, running in particular, gives me time to process my thoughts and quiet my mind.  I love competing with myself – can I run farther, can I run faster?”

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Sellers said she loves to run and has recently found yoga and strength training to be benefiting, too. “Running has shaped my life and my career in the most amazing way possible,” she said. “I also love yoga for strengthening, stretching and mental health. The majority of my workouts are at home, using free online resources. Most often my in-home workouts happen during nap time. My runs now often include my newest partner, Lily, (8-months). But I love attending classes when I am able to.”

She said she attempts balance in her diet as much as possible. Even as a registered dietitian, that can mean making some tough choices.

“Nothing is off limits – if I want a cheeseburger and fries, I eat it,” she said. “I just don’t eat it every day. I do my best to plan ahead and have healthy foods available all the time to make the healthy choice the easy choice.  If I invest an hour on the weekend to roast a bunch of vegetables, hard boil eggs, and prep a few simple things, it makes the rest of the week that much easier, food-wise.”

She said she’s still recovering from the birth of her daughter but hopes to run a half marathon this fall and another full marathon by the time she turns 40.

Her advice for others: “Start small,” she said. “Go out for a walk. If you feel inspired to jog a few steps, great. If you don’t, great. The most important thing is that you are moving your body.”


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