Fit Feature: Jill Marlan

Jill Marlan, 42, of Grand Ledge, is an entrepreneur, mom, and wife.  A former college basketball player, Marlan has learned how important fitness is to her lifestyle.

“I have had back surgery due to a crash while training for a mountain bike race,” she said. “I recovered very well, got married two weeks after and was able to dance in heels at my wedding. I attribute this to my fitness level. As I have gotten older it has been more of a challenge for me, more aches, pains, and recovery takes longer. I have realized that the intensity does not have to be the same but the frequency dedication does.”

She said she works out from home nearly every day for 30-60 minutes, depending on how much time she has. “I work out from home because of the flexibility it allows me,” she said. “It is amazing the things you can do with bands, body weight, and light weights. I used to run a lot because it was quick and easy but noticed too much hip, knee and ankle tightness. I now do cross training quite a bit which has increased my ability to run and be overall healthy and strong.”

She said she eats as healthy as she can, allowing herself occasional treats.

“I believe everything in moderation, including dessert,” she said. “I feel people that eliminate things from their diet end up splurging after the diet is over and in the long run it is not sustainable. A little chocolate never killed anyone.” She said her success is built around her ability to stay healthy.

“Fitness is my life. I have worked with patients for 20 years on fitness, strength, alignment, and overall pain-free living,” she said. “I love it, live it, and am passionate about it.” 


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