Fit Feature: Graham Turner, of Lansing

Graham Turner, 36, of Lansing, has been a natural athlete his entire life so it makes sense that he earns his living as a personal trainer, with a passion for bodybuilding.

“It became an option for income because I was spending all my time weight lifting with my friends,” he said. He explains that he’s constantly developing his body through hard work and dedication — knowledge he shares with clients.

“For the last three years my training has morphed into respecting a principle of reciprocity, improving my relationship with gravity by working to become more explosive, fluid or efficient, and preventing or healing previous injuries,” he said.

Like most, though, his diet is always in flux. He said he eats a healthy diet as much as he can, practicing fasting, drinking plenty of water, but he does struggle with a sweet tooth and has challenges due to food allergies.

“I maintain a healthy understanding that as long as eating nutritionally poor foods does not become frequent, there is no need to feel guilty about my eating,” he said. “My understanding of the principles of circadian rhythms seems to help me achieve the best balance between fueling and recovery for my body. Moving into the future it’s my hope to continue to improve my movement, not losing steps, instead gaining them. The key to longevity lies somewhere between two exponential extremes, finding your balance for your life is a journey worth pursuing.”

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