Fit Feature: Ashley Wohslcheid

Grand Ledge’s Ashley Wohlscheid, 35, has a clear vision when it comes to her purpose of living a healthy lifestyle: She wants to be the healthiest version of herself for her family and her own needs.

“Focusing on fitness has improved my overall quality of life in so many ways,” she said. “I have more energy, sleep better, and feel stronger and healthier than ever!”

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She said she works out six days a week, mixing up High-Intensity Interval Training and other classes at Ledge’s Sweat Shop.

“The classes are fantastic and have encouraged me to stay on track.” She said her diet is constantly in flux. She focuses on eating as many fruits, vegetables and healthy proteins as possible — which isn’t always easy.

“This time of year, the best thing I can do to overcome the urge to eat poorly is to remember that swimsuit season is right around the corner and my 2-year old daughter loves the beach!” she said.

Wohlscheid, who is a business manager, said being in shape is part of her long-term goals.

“My goals are to continue on my path to a healthier lifestyle while becoming a successful business owner, becoming a certified fitness coach, and being the best mom and wife while helping motivate others to be the best version of themselves.”

Her advice to others: “Find something you enjoy and make it a habit. Push through the difficult beginning, keep going, and do not get discouraged – the results will follow.”


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