Fit Feature: Sheli Zakora, of Grand Ledge

Sheli Zakora, 41, of Grand Ledge, is an office manager at an insurance company and part-time real estate agent. As the mom of two active daughters who participate in sports, and a career woman, she’s found working out and being healthy is a great balancing force in her life.

“Working out is a huge stress reliever for me,” she said. “It also builds my confidence, knowing that I am taking care of my body. All in all, it helps me mentally and physically.”

She said she tries to change her workouts every couple of months, but her routines keep her moving in the right direction. They consist of a mix of cardio on a treadmill, weight training with free weights and plenty of ab work. She said her diet isn’t rigid, but she makes sure to eat as healthy as she can, as much as she can.

“I am conscious about what I eat but I also allow myself to splurge on weekends,” she said. “I am mindful to get my water in every day (I mix in 2 capfuls of Apple Cider Vinegar) and am usually eating fish or chicken, salad, veggies, and fresh fruit.”

She said if she’s faced with the urge to make unhealthy food choices, she makes sure to ask herself if it’s worth it.

“I remind myself how far I have come and how hard I work out, and I don’t want to cancel that out!” She said if she can live a healthy lifestyle and feel healthy, anyone can. “For those starting out please remember that results will come,” she said. “It takes patience and persistence, and believe me, I have a hard time with both of those so if I can do it anyone can!”


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