Fit Feature: Krystal Siminski of Williamston

As a chiropractor, Krystal Siminski, 35, of Williamston, knows how beneficial it is to work out.

“The perfect combination of doing what you have to do and doing what you love to do is what it takes to really live a healthy life,” she said. “Working out is just one of those things you have to do. It fuels your body and helps you to regenerate healthy cells while building energy. It’s important to understand that exercise is crucial for more than a good looking body.”

Siminski’s workouts are quick due to a busy schedule, usually a series of short exercises for a number of rounds that don’t last for more than a total of 20 minutes.

“My workouts consist of High-Intensity Interval Training,” she said. “In the summer I love to paddle board, skateboard with my husband, ride bikes and just stay active while having fun.”

She makes sure to eat a clean diet, limiting carbohydrates and cycling ketogenic for health benefits.

“I work on nutrition daily with patients, and practice what I preach,” she said. “My food revolves around gut health and hormonal balance. I always find healthy ways to make things that I love, such as pizza!”

She said living a healthy lifestyle is essential for everyone.

“Fitness is a key piece to living healthy,” she said. “When you understand what is happening at the cellular level, you start to look at exercise differently. It stops being something superficial and becomes something scientific. And the physical body changes are a bonus. Continuing to do things you love also helps you to stay healthy, and dancing is something I’ve always loved. Age is just a number. We were designed to move!”


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