Fit Feature: Cameo Bayes

Cameo Bayes, 26, of Marshall, is a health and wellness coach and group fitness instructor. She said working out does more than just keep her in shape, it’s great for her state of mind.

“Working out, for me, is therapy,” she said. “I know when I work out I feel good. It keeps me focused, and I have a more positive attitude of life. Fitness has helped me learn to love my body inside and out. It has given me greater strength in body, mind, and soul. When I take care of myself, every other aspect of life goes better.”

Her workouts vary from cardio, strength training and yoga, and are usually done at home. She said she eats a balanced diet with whole foods while making sure to pay attention to portions. She said she likes to eat as healthy as possible, even though the urge to stray happens.

“My desire to feel good trumps the quick desire to cheat,” she said. “Having accountability, for me, is a key part of staying consistent in both fitness and nutrition.” Her advice to others: “If it’s a goal weight ask yourself what does that number mean to you?’” she said. “Track your daily habits because it’s the small consistent behaviors that add up. And be accountable with someone. Starting to live a healthy life isn’t always easy, it’s important to have others on the journey with you.”


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