Fit Feature: Kyle Schoenmaker, of Lansing

Kyle Schoenmaker, 27, of Lansing, is the training director at State of Fitness in East Lansing. The former college soccer player says fitness provides the footing for his well being.

“Without fitness, I wouldn’t have the self-confidence or sense of peace that comes with knowing I’m making good decisions for my future,” he said. “This is the only body that I will have and the decisions I make now will be the foundation for my decisions in the future. My biggest goal is to be the best version of myself for my family and my future children.”

His workouts focus primarily on strength movements.

“I focus on movement patterns and complementary movements with the intention of not only becoming stronger but also becoming a more efficient athlete,” he said.

Even as a trainer, Schoenmaker said he tries his best to eat smart but doesn’t always win that battle. “My diet has its ups and downs, with the downs typically coming on the weekend,” he said. “I enjoy eating a lot however I also make sure that, for the most part, what I consume is natural and is primarily protein and greens. In my opinion, there should never be a point where you beat yourself up for enjoying the food.”

He said his immediate goal continues to be to gain strength, but lately, it’s been more of a mental challenge.

“It is always my goal to become stronger,” he said. “I am striving to become more mentally strong as well. The mental strength it takes to complete a hard workout carries over to being able to break through mental barriers that I experience every day.”

His advice to people looking to get in shape is to find someone you trust to help you along the journey.

“Fitness is not always something that can be accomplished by yourself and the best plan is to find a friend or professional to hold you accountable,” he said.


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