6 Reasons you’re failing to achieve your fitness goals

Whether looking to lose weight before an upcoming event, or wanting to feel better about our health, we’re not shy to declare the beginning of a ‘new us’ every January. But how many of us actually stick to this objective?

More than a third (34%) of Americans who set themselves health-related resolutions break them within 24 hours, according to research carried out by global supplement provider, Myprotein.

Here are six reasons why we stumble, and pointers on how to overcome these and achieve our fitness goals.

  • Short on time From careers to social events, it’s unsurprising nearly a quarter (24%) of us give up trying to squeeze in workouts. Taking the time to sit down and make a structured workout schedule for the week ahead. This will help you fit in a gym session while not neglecting your social life or work responsibilities.
  • Not tracking results With nearly two thirds (61%) using a fitness tracker staying on track for three months or more, investing in one seems like a smart move. Not tracking your results can make it too easy to lose motivation, with nearly a fifth (19%) abandoning fitness goals because they simply got bored.
  • No meal plan  If losing weight is the goal, it’s not just exercise you need to focus on. A quarter (25%) of those looking to slim down failed due to a lack of meal structure. Plan and prep meals for maximum chance of sticking to a calorie intake.
  • Not nailing a goal Half (50%) of Americans failed to set a deadline for their goals. Having a timescale in mind can give you that extra push to lift more, run further and stay on track. Be sure to avoid unrealistic goals, though, as more than one in 10 (13%) who set themselves unattainable goals instantly lost motivation.
  • Being too general  While wanting to exercise more is a great reason to get to the gym – nearly a quarter (22%) of people aimed for this – setting yourself easy to follow targets such as upcoming events is more likely to help you stay focused. That said, don’t fall into the trap 16% of us did by not letting your fitness goals carry over after the big day.
  • Not doing it for yourself Looking your best at a reunion is great – but don’t set goals to prove yourself to anyone else – a habit 13% of us have. Tailor your workout to your lifestyle and goals to make sure that at the end of it, you’re putting in all the work for yourself and no one else.

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