Success! Story: Lansing’s Abby Eiseler

Abby Eiseler, 34, of Lansing, is a customer service rep, part-time event planner and Beachbody coach who used an old Christmas photo to motivate herself to a healthy lifestyle. It didn’t happen overnight, but it took plenty of meal planning, exercise and a new outlook on how to eat correctly. The result: she’s shed nearly 30 pounds since she started her fitness journey and doesn’t have any plans to stop.

What made you want to live a healthier lifestyle? On Christmas Eve, 2015, I saw a family picture and was blown away by how I looked. I was miserable on the inside and out. I had been gaining weight but didn’t realize how much until that point. I hung that picture in my living room and looked at it every day as a reminder of where I had been. I realized I was my own worst enemy and my mindset needed to change before any part of my body would change. Self-love was non-existent.

What did you do? I started working out at home to DVDs and started small workout/running groups at a local park. The next big step was to start teaching myself healthy eating tips to retrain my brain to see food as fuel for my body and not as entertainment. I started shopping differently. I cooked with organic food, and portion controls became a new way of life.

Any success with that? In three years I dropped approximately 30 pounds. I was not one to use a scale number to celebrate success. I had other ways to measure success. My clothes fit differently. My energy levels were through the roof and I was getting quality sleep because I had rid my body of toxins and sugar. I think I started to smile more than ever and I began to see life so differently.

How is your diet, compared to before? You can’t just work out and hope to lose weight. I needed to change my eating habits. I was always an emotional eater. If something in the day went wrong, food was the comfort. It never disappointed and it was always convenient. I began to cut out carbs, starchy veggies, sugar and processed foods, I started researching, reading and learning how to cook healthier and eat organically. My mom played a huge part in this process. I learned so much about how to eat right and control portions from my mom. I hate to cook but I learned that if you take one day a week and prep things it sets you up to be successful. People eat out of their plan because they are not prepared. Eating out of convenience is way easier than meal prepping!

What were some of the challenges you faced? How did you overcome them?
I think the struggle with working out at home can be tough. You are in the comfort of your own home and your fridge is a few steps away. The TV, with all your favorite shows, is right there next to your comfy couch, so it’s a lot of temptation. Another challenge is finding the balance between enjoying and living life and still staying on track with health and fitness. I live by the 80/20 rule and I think you have to because working out and being healthy is great and a necessity but you can’t miss out on life because of it. It’s a very hard balance to find.

How do you feel? I have worn clothes that haven’t zipped or buttoned in years. I wake up at 4 a.m. every day and am energized to work out. I have a confidence in me now that I haven’t had in a long time,

Any future plans? My future plans are to keep growing my Beachbody business ( to continue to inspire and teach other women out there to become the best version of themselves. I love educating and supporting other women who go through their own fitness and nutrition highs and lows.

Advice for others? You deserve to live your very best life and it’s ok to be selfish, it’s ok to do things for yourself. Take a chance, take a leap, make an investment in your health and fitness, whether you do it at home or the gym. Do it for you, you will not regret it!


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