Whitfield offers workshops to inspire women

Kimberly Inspiring Beauty in Strength has launched Queen Warrior Movement, an empowering movement for young ladies and women. The mission, “to inspire, motivate and encourage women and young ladies from all walks of life to feel empowered by strengthening their bodies and minds through healthy living.”
The movement will offer workshops to help build confidence, gain physical strength, persevere through adversity, create the best version of themselves, and more. It will also embody Kimberly Inspiring Beauty in Strengths’ three approaches to well being and it’s three core values. The three approaches to well being are: Inspire, Beauty, and Strength. Its core values are: Confidence, Zen, and Well-Being.
“I want women and young ladies to feel good about themselves, and know they own a space within the universe.” said Kimberly Whitfield. “Historically, women and young ladies have faced unique challenges when it comes to balancing their lives. This Movement will help provide tools to lead a prosperous, successful, and purpose-driven life.”
If you would like more information about this movement, contact Kimberly Whitfield at 517-488-5471 or email at kimberly@kwinspires.com.  Whitfield is a regular contributor to Healthy & Fit Magazine.

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